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Notifications Submitted to the Certificate of Need Program

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Notification NumberDistrict/ SubdistrictCountyFacilityNotification Desc
NF1900016/5HIGHLANDSAdventHealth SebringAdd 24 acute care beds
NF1900024/3DUVALSt. Vincent's Medical Center SouthsideAdd 36 acute care beds through the conversion of 36 HBSNU beds
NF1900039/PALM BEACHJupiter Medical CenterAdd 14 acute care beds
NF1900045/PASCOAdventHealth Dade CityEstablish a 45-bed hospital-based skilled nursing unit
NF1900056/1HILLSBOROUGHTampa General HospitalDelicense three acute care beds
NF1900064/4VOLUSIAAdventHealth Daytona BeachAdd three acute care beds
NF19000711/MIAMI-DADEHialeah HospitalDelicense 12 adult psychiatric beds
NF1900084/2CLAYOrange Park Medical CenterDelicense five acute care beds
NF1900094/CLAYOrange Park Medical CenterAdd five Level II NICU beds
NF19001010/1BROWARDWestside Regional Medical CenterAdd 26 acute care beds
NF1900115/PINELLASMorton Plant HospitalDelicense 14 child/adolescent psychiatric beds
NF1900123/4MARIONOcala Regional Medical CenterAdd 34 acute care beds
NF1900136/MANATEEManatee Memorial HospitalAdd two Level II NICU beds
NF1900146/1AHILLSBOROUGHSt. Joseph's Hospital SouthAdd 76 acute care beds
NF1900157/2ORANGEAdventHealth OrlandoDelicense two acute care beds
NF1900169/AddPALM BEACHJupiter Medical CenterAdd six acute care beds
NF1900172/1BAYGulf Coast Regional Medical CenterDelicense four acute care beds
NF1900185/PINELLASSt. Anthony's HospitalAdd 55 acute care beds
NF1900193/ESUMTERCornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.Add 12 inpatient hospice beds at Villages Hospice House
NF19002011/MIAMI-DADESouthern WindsConvert four adult substance abuse beds to four adult psychiatric beds
NF1900219/MARTINCoral Shores Behavioral HealthConvert 20 adult substance abuse beds to 20 adult psychiatric beds
NF1900226/HILLSBOROUGHBrandon Regional HospitalAdd 14 Level III NICU beds
NF19002311/MIAMI-DADEJackson North Medical CenterTermination of 35-bed adult inpatient psychiatric service
NF19002411/1MIAMI-DADEJackson North Medical CenterAdd 35 acute care beds through the conversion of 35 adult inpatient psychiatric beds
NF19002511/MIAMI-DADEDouglas Gardens HospitalEstablish a 14-bed HBSNU through the conversion of 14 acute care beds
NF1900268/LEEHealthPark Medical CenterDelicense three Level III NICU beds
NF1900278/LEEHealthPark Medical CenterDelicense 24 Level II NICU beds
NF1900288/5LEEShell Point Nursing PavilionDelicense 39 sheltered nursing home beds resulting in a 180-bed replacement facility consisting of 120 community and 60 sheltered beds
NF1900297/ORANGEAventHealth Winter ParkAdd 40 CMR beds to the existing 20-bed CMR unit
NF1900307/1BREVARDPalm Bay HospitalLicense 20 acute care beds
NF1900313/HERNANDOOak Hill HospitalLicense 10 Level II NICU beds
NF1900327/SEMINOLEOrlando Health South Seminole HospitalConvert 10 adult substance abuse beds to 10 adult inpatient psychiatric beds