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Certificate of Need (CON)
Applications Received
Hospital Beds & Facilities Batching Cycle
August, 2014

CON No.District/ SubdistrictCountyApplicantFacilityProposed Project
102323/2LEVYSuwanee River Community Hospital, Inc.Suwanee River Community Hospital, Inc.Establish a 28-bed acute care hospital
102337/1BREVARDIndian River Behavioral Health, LLCIndian River Behavioral Health, LLCEstablish a 74-bed child/adolescent psychiatric hospital
102347/1BREVARDNorth Brevard County Hospital DistrictParrish Medical CenterEstablish a 20-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit
1023510/1BROWARDPlantation General Hospital Limited PartnershipPlantation General HospitalEstablish a 200-bed replacement acute care hospital