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Certificate of Need (CON)
Applications Received
Hospital Beds & Facilities Batching Cycle
February, 2017

CON No.District/ SubdistrictCountyApplicantFacilityProposed Project
104773/MARIONMarion Community Hospital, Inc.West Marion Community HospitalEstablish a 30-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit
104783/MARIONMunroe HMA Hospital, LLCTimberRidge HospitalEstablish a 16-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit and a 10-bed partial request
104793/ALACHUANorth Florida Regional Medical Center, Inc.North Florida Regional Medical CenterEstablish a 20-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit
104803/ALACHUAShands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc.UF Health Shands Rehab HospitalEstablish a 40-bed replacement comprehensive medical rehabilitation hospital
104816/HILLSBOROUGHGalencare, Inc.Brandon Regional HospitalEstablish a 30-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit
104826/HILLSBOROUGHHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Hillsborough Co. LLCHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Hillsborough Co, LLCEstablish a new 60-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation hospital
1048311/MIAMI-DADENext Generation Behavioral Health, LLCNext Generation Behavioral Health, LLCEstablish a new 104-bed adult inpatient psychiatric hospital
1048411/MIAMI-DADESoutheast Florida Behavioral Health, LLCSoutheast Florida Behavioral Health, LLCEstablish a new 80-bed adult psychiatric hospital