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Certificate of Need (CON)
Applications Received
Hospital Beds & Facilities Batching Cycle
February, 2018

CON No.District/ SubdistrictCountyApplicantFacilityProposed Project
105193/4MARIONMunroe HMA Hospital, LLCMunroe Regional Medical CenterEstablish a new 66-bed acute care hospital
105204/4VOLUSIAMemorial Health System, Inc.Florida Hospital Memorial Medical CenterEstablish a 32-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center through the transfer of 32 beds at Florida Hospital Oceanside
105217/4ORANGEAdventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.Florida HospitalAdd 20 comprehensive medical rehabilitation beds to Winter Park Memorial Hospital
105228/2COLLIERBraden Clinic, LLCBraden Clinic, LLCEstablish a new 25-bed acute care hospital
105238/5LEEMedical Center of Southwest Florida, LLCMedical Center of Southwest Florida, LLCEstablish a new 80-bed acute care hospital
105248/5LEELee Memorial Health SystemLee Memorial Health SystemEstablish a new 82-bed acute care hospital