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Certificate of Need (CON) Exemption Requests

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Exemption Num.District/ SubdistrictCountyFacilityProject Desc        Project CostsDecisionDecision Date
E1900093/2ALACHUATerrace Health and Rehabilitation CenterTransfer six community nursing home beds from The Oaks NH, LLC d/b/a Park Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center to Terrace Health NH LLC d/b/a Terrace Health and Rehabilitation Center$0.00APPROVED7/16/2019
E1900106/1HILLSBOROUGHPruittHealth - Hillsborough County, LLCCombine CON #10509P (84 beds) and CON #10553 (six beds) resulting in a 90-bed community nursing home$21,544,122.00APPROVED7/17/2019
E1900114/4VOLUSIAUniversity West Rehabilitation CenterConsolidate University Ctr West Operating, LLC d/b/a University West Rehab Ctr (60 beds) & University Ctr East Operating, LLC d/b/a University East Rehab Ctr (60 beds) to create a 120-bed NH$25,000,000.00APPROVED7/24/2019
E1900124/4VOLUSIAUniversity West Rehabilitation CenterConstruct a 120-bed replacement nursing home within five miles of the existing site$25,000,000.00APPROVED7/25/2019