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Certificate of Need (CON) Exemption Requests

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Exemption Num.District/ SubdistrictCountyFacilityProject Desc        Project CostsDecisionDecision Date
E1800247/3OSCEOLABlackberry CenterAdd 22 adult psychiatric beds$40.00APPROVED7/24/2018
E1800253/7SUMTERFreedom Pointe at the Villages Rehabilitaiton & Hlthcare CtrAdd 10 community nursing home beds$0.00APPROVED7/6/2018
E1800264/1DUVALFirst Coast Health Ventures, LLCCombine CON #10475 (111 beds) and CON #10507 (5 beds) resulting in a 116-bed community nursing home$24,619,251.00APPROVED7/30/2018
E18002711/1MIAMI-DADEMercy HospitalAdd 10 comprehensive medical rehabilitation beds$4,400,000.00APPROVED7/30/2018
E1800289/MARTINHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital at Martin HealthAdd 10 comprehensive medical rehabilitation beds$5,539,795.00APPROVED8/7/2018
E18002911/1MIAMI-DADERegents Park at AventuraAdd 18 community nursing home beds$2,458,500.00APPROVED9/11/2018
E1800307/4SEMINOLEPremier Living Centers, Inc.Combine CON #10516 (61 beds) and CON #10531 (39 beds) resulting in a 100-bed community nursing home$18,839,156.00APPROVED9/26/2018
E1800314/3DUVALSt. Vincent's Medical Center SouthsideAdd 20 adult psychiatric beds$6,000,000.00APPROVED9/26/2018
E1800322/4LEONWestminster OaksAdd 12 community nursing home beds$1,250.00APPROVED10/1/2018
E1800331/1ESCAMBIAPruittHealth - Escambia, LLCCombine CON #10505 (75 beds) and CON #10527 (45 beds) resulting in a 120-bed community nursing home$28,380,579.00APPROVED10/16/2018
E1800349/4PALM BEACHJFK Medical Center North CampusAdd 23 adult psychiatric beds (Amended from 24 beds to 23 beds on 3/4/2019)$6,586,000.00APPROVED11/16/2018
E1800359/4PALM BEACHJFK Medical Center North CampusAdd 12 child/adolescent psychiatric beds$2,732,000.00APPROVED11/16/2018
E1800369/3OKEECHOBEEOkeechobee Health Care FacilityAdd 20 community nursing home beds$4,125,000.00APPROVED12/19/2018
E1800371/2OKALOOSAGulf Coast Treatment CenterAdd four child/adolescent psychiatric beds$0.00APPROVED12/24/2018
E1900017/2ORANGEConway Lakes Health and Rehabilitation CenterCombine Exemption E170022 (20 beds) and CON #10530 (18 beds) resulting in a 38-bed addition $6,171,365.00APPROVED1/29/2019
E1900025/1PASCOBlue Heron Health and Rehabilitation, LLCCombine CON #10492 (64 beds) and CON #10508 (42 beds) resulting in a 106-bed community nursing home$11,160,888.00APPROVED1/25/2019
E1900036/1HILLSBOROUGHPalm Garden of Sun CityAdd 12 community nursing home beds$3,200,000.00APPROVED3/11/2019
E19000411/MIAMI-DADEMercy HospitalAdd 10 comprehensive medical rehabilitation beds$11,400,000.00APPROVED3/12/2019
E1900054/3ST. JOHNSWestminster St. AugustineTransfer seven community nursing home beds from Wesley Manor, Inc. d/ba Westminster Woods on Julington Creek to Westminster Pines, Inc. d/ba Westminster St. Augustine$0.00APPROVED3/22/2019
E1900067/4SEMINOLEPremier Living Centers, Inc.Combine Exemption #E180030 which combined CON #10516 (61 beds) and CON #10531 (39 beds) to CON #10555 (17 beds), resulting in a 117-bed community nursing home$20,269,805.00APPROVED4/4/2019