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Certificate of Need (CON)
Accepted Letters of Intent (LOI)
Hospital Beds & Facilities Batching Cycle
February, 2009

LOI No.District/ SubdistrictCountyApplicant/FacilityProposed Project
0013/MARIONHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala, LLC/HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala, LLCEstablish a comprehensive medical rehabilitation hospital of up to 60 beds
0023/LAKELeesburg Regional Medical Center, Inc./Leesburg Regional Medical CenterEstablish a Level II NICU of up to 10 beds
0036/1HILLSBOROUGHUniversity of South Florida Board of Trustees/University of South Florida Board of TrusteesEstablish an acute care hospital of up to 100 beds
00411/1MIAMI-DADELarkin Community Hospital, Inc./Larkin Community HospitalEstablish a comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit of up to 20 beds