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05/22/2019StandardD8X4G0291UnclassifiedEMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLANEmergency Management Plan s. 400.506, F.S. (12) Each nurse registry shall prepare and maintain a comprehensive emergency management plan that is consistent with the criteria in this subsection and with the local special needs plan. ... The plan shall include the means by which the nurse registry will continue to provide the same type and quantity of services to its patients who evacuate to special needs shelters which were being provided to those patients prior to evacuation. The plan shall specify how the nurse registry shall facilitate the provision of continuous care by persons referred for contract to persons who are registered pursuant to s. 252.355 during an emergency that interrupts the provision of care or services in private residencies. Nurse registries may establish links to local emergency operations centers to determine a mechanism by which to approach specific areas within a disaster area in order for a provider to reach its clients. ... (e) The comprehensive emergency management plan required by this subsection is subject to review and approval by the county health department. During its review, the county health department shall contact state and local health and medical stakeholders when necessary. The county health department shall complete its review to ensure that the plan complies with the criteria in the Agency for Health Care Administration rules within 90 days after receipt of the plan and shall either approve the plan or advise the nurse registry of necessary revisions. If a nurse registry fails to submit a plan or fails to submit requested information or revisions to the county health department within 30 days after written notification from the county health department, the county health department shall notify the Agency for Health Care Administration. The agency shall notify the nurse registry that its failure constitutes a deficiency, subject to a fine of $5,000 per occurrence. If the plan is not submitted, information is not provided, or revisions are not made as requested, the agency may impose the fine. 59A-18.018, F.A.C. (1) Pursuant to Section 400.506(12), F.S., each nurse registry shall prepare and maintain a written comprehensive emergency management plan, in accordance with the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for Nurse Registries, AHCA Form 3110-1017, May 2015, incorporated by reference. and available at <https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-05234>. This document is available from the Agency for Health Care Administration at <http://ahca.myflorida.com/MCHQ/Emergency_Activities/index.shtml%20>. The plan shall describe how the nurse registry establishes and maintains an effective response to emergencies and disasters. The plan, once completed, will be sent electronically to the contact designated by the Department of Health as required in Section 400.506(12), F.S. 08/02/2019