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Inspection Data from January 1, 2008 to present
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Survey DateInspection TypeTrack IDDeficiencyRequirement DescriptionCorrection Date
01/08/2019Fire/Life/SafetyR8L1K0291EMERGENCY LIGHTINGEmergency Lighting Emergency lighting of at least 1-1/2-hour duration is provided automatically in accordance with 7.9., 01/22/2019
01/08/2019Fire/Life/SafetyR8L1K0923GAS EQUIPMENT - CYLINDER AND CONTAINER STORAGGas Equipment - Cylinder and Container Storage Greater than or equal to 3,000 cubic feet Storage locations are designed, constructed, and ventilated in accordance with and >300 but <3,000 cubic feet Storage locations are outdoors in an enclosure or within an enclosed interior space of non- or limited- combustible construction, with door (or gates outdoors) that can be secured. Oxidizing gases are not stored with flammables, and are separated from combustibles by 20 feet (5 feet if sprinklered) or enclosed in a cabinet of noncombustible construction having a minimum 1/2 hr. fire protection rating. Less than or equal to 300 cubic feet In a single smoke compartment, individual cylinders available for immediate use in patient care areas with an aggregate volume of less than or equal to 300 cubic feet are not required to be stored in an enclosure. Cylinders must be handled with precautions as specified in 11.6.2. A precautionary sign readable from 5 feet is on each door or gate of a cylinder storage room, where the sign includes the wording as a minimum "CAUTION: OXIDIZING GAS(ES) STORED WITHIN NO SMOKING." Storage is planned so cylinders are used in order of which they are received from the supplier. Empty cylinders are segregated from full cylinders. When facility employs cylinders with integral pressure gauge, a threshold pressure considered empty is established. Empty cylinders are marked to avoid confusion. Cylinders stored in the open are protected from weather. 11.3.1, 11.3.2, 11.3.3, 11.3.4, 11.6.5 (NFPA 99)01/09/2019
07/24/2015Fire/Life/SafetyORK3K0046EMERGENCY LIGHTINGEmergency lighting is provided for 90 minutes. NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2012) 7.9, (New) Large & (Existing) Large NOTE: Changes 09/22/2015
07/24/2015Fire/Life/SafetyORK3K0059WATER FLOW ALARMSWater flow alarms electrically connected to the fire alarm system shall be provided for sprinkler systems. NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2012), (New) Small, (New) Large & (Existing) Small, (Existing) Large 09/22/2015
07/24/2015Fire/Life/SafetyORK3K0109GENERATOR MAINTENANCE & TESTINGEmergency generator maintenance and testing shall meet the standards in NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2012) NFPA 110 (2010) Chapter 8. 09/22/2015