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09/12/2019Standard6VV8CZ814C4BACKGROUND SCREENING CLEARINGHOUSE435.12(2) Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse.- (b) Until such time as the fingerprints are enrolled in the national retained print arrest notification program at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an employee with a break in service of more than 90 days from a position that requires screening by a specified agency must submit to a national screening if the person returns to a position that requires screening by a specified agency. (c) An employer of persons subject to screening by a specified agency must register with the clearinghouse and maintain the employment status of all employees within the clearinghouse. Initial employment status and any changes in status must be reported within 10 business days. (d) An employer must register with and initiate all criminal history checks through the clearinghouse before referring an employee or potential employee for electronic fingerprint submission to the Department of Law Enforcement. The registration must include the employee's full first name, middle initial, and last name; social security number; date of birth; mailing address; sex; and race. Individuals, persons, applicants, and controlling interests that cannot legally obtain a social security number must provide an individual taxpayer identification number. 10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8CZ815C4BACKGROUND SCREENING; PROHIBITED OFFENSES408.809 Background screening; prohibited offenses.- (1) Level 2 background screening pursuant to chapter 435 must be conducted through the agency on each of the following persons, who are considered employees for the purposes of conducting screening under chapter 435: (a) The licensee, if an individual. (b) The administrator or a similarly titled person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the provider. (c) The financial officer or similarly titled individual who is responsible for the financial operation of the licensee or provider. (d) Any person who is a controlling interest. (e) Any person, as required by authorizing statutes, seeking employment with a licensee or provider who is expected to, or whose responsibilities may require him or her to, provide personal care or services directly to clients or have access to client funds, personal property, or living areas; and any person, as required by authorizing statutes, contracting with a licensee or provider whose responsibilities require him or her to provide personal care or personal services directly to clients, or contracting with a licensee or provider to work 20 hours a week or more who will have access to client funds, personal property, or living areas. Evidence of contractor screening may be retained by the contractor's employer or the licensee. (3) All fingerprints must be provided in electronic format. Screening results shall be reviewed by the agency with respect to the offenses specified in s. 435.04 and this section, and the qualifying or disqualifying status of the person named in the request shall be maintained in a database. The qualifying or disqualifying status of the person named in the request shall be posted on a secure website for retrieval by the licensee or designated agent on the licensee's behalf. (4) In addition to the offenses listed in s. 435.04, all persons required to undergo background screening pursuant to this part or authorizing statutes must not have an arrest awaiting final disposition for, must not have been found guilty of, regardless of adjudication, or entered a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to, and must not have been adjudicated delinquent and the record not have been sealed or expunged for any of the following offenses or any similar offense of another jurisdiction: (a) Any authorizing statutes, if the offense was a felony. (b) This chapter, if the offense was a felony. (c) Section 409.920, relating to Medicaid provider fraud. (d) Section 409.9201, relating to Medicaid fraud. (e) Section 741.28, relating to domestic violence. (f) Section 777.04, relating to attempts, solicitation, and conspiracy to commit an offense listed in this subsection. (g) Section 817.034, relating to fraudulent acts through mail, wire, radio, electromagnetic, photoelectronic, or photooptical systems. (h) Section 817.234, relating to false and fraudulent insurance claims. (i) Section 817.481, relating to obtaining goods by using a false or expired credit card or other credit device, if the offense was a felony. (j) Section 817.50, relating to fraudulently obtaining goods or services from a health care provider. (k) Section 817.505, relating to patient brokering. (l) Section 817.568, relating to criminal use of personal identification information. (m) Section 817.60, relating to obtaining a credit card through fraudulent means. (n) Section 817.61, relating to fraudulent use of credit cards, if the offense was a felony. (o) Section 831.01, relating to forgery. (p) Section 831.02, relating to uttering forged instruments. (q) Section 831.07, relating to forging bank bills, checks, drafts, or promissory notes. (r) Section 831.09, relating to uttering forged bank bills, checks, drafts, or promissory notes. (s) Section 831.30, relating to fraud in obtaining medicinal drugs. (t) Section 831.31, relating to the sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession with the intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver any counterfeit controlled substance, if the off10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8CZ816C4BACKGROUND SCREENING-COMPLIANCE ATTESTATION408.809 (2) Every 5 years following his or her licensure, employment, or entry into a contract in a capacity that under subsection (1) would require level 2 background screening under chapter 435, each such person must submit to level 2 background rescreening as a condition of retaining such license or continuing in such employment or contractual status. For any such rescreening, the agency shall request the Department of Law Enforcement to forward the person's fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a national criminal history record check unless the person's fingerprints are enrolled in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's national retained print arrest notification program. If the fingerprints of such a person are not retained by the Department of Law Enforcement under s. 943.05(2)(g) and (h), the person must submit fingerprints electronically to the Department of Law Enforcement for state processing, and the Department of Law Enforcement shall forward the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a national criminal history record check. The fingerprints shall be retained by the Department of Law Enforcement under s. 943.05(2)(g) and (h) and enrolled in the national retained print arrest notification program when the Department of Law Enforcement begins participation in the program. The cost of the state and national criminal history records checks required by level 2 screening may be borne by the licensee or the person fingerprinted. Until a specified agency is fully implemented in the clearinghouse created under s. 435.12, the agency may accept as satisfying the requirements of this section proof of compliance with level 2 screening standards submitted within the previous 5 years to meet any provider or professional licensure requirements of the agency, the Department of Health, the Department of Elderly Affairs, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Department of Children and Families, or the Department of Financial Services for an applicant for a certificate of authority or provisional certificate of authority to operate a continuing care retirement community under chapter 651, provided that: (a) The screening standards and disqualifying offenses for the prior screening are equivalent to those specified in s. 435.04 and this section; (b) The person subject to screening has not had a break in service from a position that requires level 2 screening for more than 90 days; and (c) Such proof is accompanied, under penalty of perjury, by an attestation of compliance with chapter 435 and this section using forms provided by the agency. 59A-35.090(2) Processing Screening Requests, Required Documents and Fees. (d) An Attestation of Compliance with Background Screening Requirements, AHCA Form 3100-0008, January 2017, herein incorporated by reference, available at http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-09106, and available from the Agency for Health Care Administration at: http://ahca.myflorida.com/MCHQ/Central_Services/Background_Screening/Regulations_Forms.shtml. This form must be completed by the individual and retained by the provider upon hire to attest that they meet the requirements for qualifying for employment, they have not been unemployed for more than 90 days from a position that requires Level 2 screening, and they agree to inform the employer immediately if arrested for any disqualifying offense. (e) An administrator or chief financial officer must be screened and qualified prior to appointment to the position. (3) Results of Screening and Notification. (a) Final results of background screening requests will be provided through the Agency's secure website that may be accessed by all health care providers applying for or actively licensed through the Agency that are registered with the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse. The secure website is located at: apps.ahca.myflorida.com/SingleSignOnPortal. (b) If a Level 2 criminal history is incomplete, a c10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8F0550D RESIDENT RIGHTS/EXERCISE OF RIGHTS§483.10(a) Resident Rights. The resident has a right to a dignified existence, self-determination, and communication with and access to persons and services inside and outside the facility, including those specified in this section. §483.10(a)(1) A facility must treat each resident with respect and dignity and care for each resident in a manner and in an environment that promotes maintenance or enhancement of his or her quality of life, recognizing each resident's individuality. The facility must protect and promote the rights of the resident. §483.10(a)(2) The facility must provide equal access to quality care regardless of diagnosis, severity of condition, or payment source. A facility must establish and maintain identical policies and practices regarding transfer, discharge, and the provision of services under the State plan for all residents regardless of payment source. §483.10(b) Exercise of Rights. The resident has the right to exercise his or her rights as a resident of the facility and as a citizen or resident of the United States. §483.10(b)(1) The facility must ensure that the resident can exercise his or her rights without interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal from the facility. §483.10(b)(2) The resident has the right to be free of interference, coercion, discrimination, and reprisal from the facility in exercising his or her rights and to be supported by the facility in the exercise of his or her rights as required under this subpart.10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8F0607D DEVELOP/IMPLEMENT ABUSE/NEGLECT POLICIES§483.12(b) The facility must develop and implement written policies and procedures that: §483.12(b)(1) Prohibit and prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation of residents and misappropriation of resident property, §483.12(b)(2) Establish policies and procedures to investigate any such allegations, and §483.12(b)(3) Include training as required at paragraph §483.95,10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8F0679D ACTIVITIES MEET INTEREST/NEEDS EACH RESIDENT§483.24(c) Activities. §483.24(c)(1) The facility must provide, based on the comprehensive assessment and care plan and the preferences of each resident, an ongoing program to support residents in their choice of activities, both facility-sponsored group and individual activities and independent activities, designed to meet the interests of and support the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident, encouraging both independence and interaction in the community.10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8F0689G FREE OF ACCIDENT HAZARDS/SUPERVISION/DEVICES§483.25(d) Accidents. The facility must ensure that - §483.25(d)(1) The resident environment remains as free of accident hazards as is possible; and §483.25(d)(2)Each resident receives adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents.10/12/2019
09/12/2019Standard6VV8F0692D NUTRITION/HYDRATION STATUS MAINTENANCE§483.25(g) Assisted nutrition and hydration. (Includes naso-gastric and gastrostomy tubes, both percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy and percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy, and enteral fluids). Based on a resident's comprehensive assessment, the facility must ensure that a resident- §483.25(g)(1) Maintains acceptable parameters of nutritional status, such as usual body weight or desirable body weight range and electrolyte balance, unless the resident's clinical condition demonstrates that this is not possible or resident preferences indicate otherwise; §483.25(g)(2) Is offered sufficient fluid intake to maintain proper hydration and health; §483.25(g)(3) Is offered a therapeutic diet when there is a nutritional problem and the health care provider orders a therapeutic diet.10/12/2019