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Understanding Inspection Reports
Inspection Details for This Provider
(Inspection Data from January 1, 2008 to present)
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Provider Type: Assisted Living Facility
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The Statement of Deficiencies Public Record Search displays a complete list of inspections. Documents on this page are redacted per 45 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 164.514 through the use of an automated redaction software, which may over-redact to protect from the potential release of confidential information. Manually redacted documents can be obtained by contacting the Public Records Office at
 Inspection TypeDocument TypeVisit DatePagesInspection Status
SelectStandardStatement of Deficiencies09/05/20231No Deficiencies
SelectComplaintStatement of Deficiencies07/17/20231Deficiencies Corrected
SelectComplaintStatement of Deficiencies04/05/202310Deficiencies Cited
SelectStandardStatement of Deficiencies03/23/20231Deficiencies Corrected
SelectStandardStatement of Deficiencies02/02/202326Deficiencies Cited
SelectStandardStatement of Deficiencies05/24/20211Deficiencies Corrected
SelectStandardStatement of Deficiencies03/10/202115Deficiencies Cited
SelectComplaintStatement of Deficiencies01/22/20211Deficiencies Corrected
SelectMonitorStatement of Deficiencies05/12/20201No Deficiencies
SelectMonitorStatement of Deficiencies05/12/20201No Deficiencies

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