Provider Type: Nursing Home
Inspection Data from January 1, 2008 to present
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Survey DateInspection TypeTrack IDDeficiencySeverity and ScopeClassRequirement DescriptionCorrection Date
05/14/2019ComplaintIU0UN0514D3PENALTY -BAKER ACT CRITERIA/PROCEDURESIn addition to the grounds listed in part II of chapter 408, any of the following conditions shall be grounds for action by the agency against a licensee: (3) Failure to follow the criteria and procedures provided under part I of chapter 394 relating to the transportation, voluntary admission, and involuntary examination of a nursing home resident; 06/21/2019
03/06/2019ComplaintGKHLF0684D QUALITY OF CARE§ 483.25 Quality of care Quality of care is a fundamental principle that applies to all treatment and care provided to facility residents. Based on the comprehensive assessment of a resident, the facility must ensure that residents receive treatment and care in accordance with professional standards of practice, the comprehensive person-centered care plan, and the residents' choices.04/06/2019
03/06/2019ComplaintGKHLF0755D PHARMACY SRVCS/PROCEDURES/PHARMACIST/RECORDS§483.45 Pharmacy Services The facility must provide routine and emergency drugs and biologicals to its residents, or obtain them under an agreement described in §483.70(g). The facility may permit unlicensed personnel to administer drugs if State law permits, but only under the general supervision of a licensed nurse. §483.45(a) Procedures. A facility must provide pharmaceutical services (including procedures that assure the accurate acquiring, receiving, dispensing, and administering of all drugs and biologicals) to meet the needs of each resident. §483.45(b) Service Consultation. The facility must employ or obtain the services of a licensed pharmacist who- §483.45(b)(1) Provides consultation on all aspects of the provision of pharmacy services in the facility. §483.45(b)(2) Establishes a system of records of receipt and disposition of all controlled drugs in sufficient detail to enable an accurate reconciliation; and §483.45(b)(3) Determines that drug records are in order and that an account of all controlled drugs is maintained and periodically reconciled.04/06/2019
03/06/2019ComplaintGKHLN0090D3PHARMACY POLICIES AND PROCEDURESThe nursing home licensee must adopt procedures that assure the accurate acquiring, receiving, dispensing, and administering of all drugs and biologicals, to meet the needs of each resident. 04/06/2019
03/06/2019ComplaintGKHLN0201D3RIGHT TO ADEQUATE AND APPROPRIATE HEALTH CAREThe right to receive adequate and appropriate health care and protective and support services, including social services; mental health services, if available; planned recreational activities; and therapeutic and rehabilitative services consistent with the resident care plan, with established and recognized practice standards within the community, and with rules as adopted by the agency. 04/06/2019