Provider Type: Nursing Home
Inspection Data from January 1, 2008 to present
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Survey DateInspection TypeTrack IDDeficiencySeverity and ScopeClassRequirement DescriptionCorrection Date
06/11/2018Fire/Life/SafetyCN2FK0353D3SPRINKLER SYSTEM - MAINTENANCE AND TESTINGSprinkler System - Maintenance and Testing Automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems are inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintaining of Water-based Fire Protection Systems. Records of system design, maintenance, inspection and testing are maintained in a secure location and readily available. a) Date sprinkler system last checked _____________________ b) Who provided system test ____________________________ c) Water system supply source __________________________ Provide in REMARKS information on coverage for any non-required or partial automatic sprinkler system. 9.7.5, 9.7.7, 9.7.8, and NFPA 25 07/11/2018
06/07/2018StandardCN2FF0803F MENUS MEET RESIDENT NDS/PREP IN ADV/FOLLOWED§483.60(c) Menus and nutritional adequacy. Menus must- §483.60(c)(1) Meet the nutritional needs of residents in accordance with established national guidelines.; §483.60(c)(2) Be prepared in advance; §483.60(c)(3) Be followed; §483.60(c)(4) Reflect, based on a facility's reasonable efforts, the religious, cultural and ethnic needs of the resident population, as well as input received from residents and resident groups; §483.60(c)(5) Be updated periodically; §483.60(c)(6) Be reviewed by the facility's dietitian or other clinically qualified nutrition professional for nutritional adequacy; and §483.60(c)(7) Nothing in this paragraph should be construed to limit the resident's right to make personal dietary choices.07/20/2018
06/07/2018StandardCN2FF0806D RESIDENT ALLERGIES, PREFERENCES, SUBSTITUTES§483.60(d) Food and drink Each resident receives and the facility provides- §483.60(d)(4) Food that accommodates resident allergies, intolerances, and preferences; §483.60(d)(5) Appealing options of similar nutritive value to residents who choose not to eat food that is initially served or who request a different meal choice;07/20/2018
06/07/2018StandardCN2FN0407F3DIETARY SERVICESEvery licensed facility shall comply with all applicable standards and rules of the agency and shall: (i) If the licensee furnishes food service, provide a wholesome and nourishing diet sufficient to meet generally accepted standards of proper nutrition for its residents and provide such therapeutic diets as may be prescribed by attending physicians. In making rules to implement this paragraph, the agency shall be guided by standards recommended by nationally recognized professional groups and associations with knowledge of dietetics. 07/20/2018
02/15/2018Complaint7IBBF0684D QUALITY OF CARE§ 483.25 Quality of care Quality of care is a fundamental principle that applies to all treatment and care provided to facility residents. Based on the comprehensive assessment of a resident, the facility must ensure that residents receive treatment and care in accordance with professional standards of practice, the comprehensive person-centered care plan, and the residents' choices.03/15/2018
02/15/2018Complaint7IBBN0201D3RIGHT TO ADEQUATE AND APPROPRIATE HEALTH CAREThe right to receive adequate and appropriate health care and protective and support services, including social services; mental health services, if available; planned recreational activities; and therapeutic and rehabilitative services consistent with the resident care plan, with established and recognized practice standards within the community, and with rules as adopted by the agency. 03/15/2018