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Inspection Data from January 1, 2008 to present
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Survey DateInspection TypeTrack IDDeficiencySeverity and ScopeClassRequirement DescriptionCorrection Date
11/18/2019ComplaintW4ZDF0657D CARE PLAN TIMING AND REVISION§483.21(b) Comprehensive Care Plans §483.21(b)(2) A comprehensive care plan must be- (i) Developed within 7 days after completion of the comprehensive assessment. (ii) Prepared by an interdisciplinary team, that includes but is not limited to-- (A) The attending physician. (B) A registered nurse with responsibility for the resident. (C) A nurse aide with responsibility for the resident. (D) A member of food and nutrition services staff. (E) To the extent practicable, the participation of the resident and the resident's representative(s). An explanation must be included in a resident's medical record if the participation of the resident and their resident representative is determined not practicable for the development of the resident's care plan. (F) Other appropriate staff or professionals in disciplines as determined by the resident's needs or as requested by the resident. (iii)Reviewed and revised by the interdisciplinary team after each assessment, including both the comprehensive and quarterly review assessments.12/17/2019
11/18/2019ComplaintW4ZDF0689D FREE OF ACCIDENT HAZARDS/SUPERVISION/DEVICES§483.25(d) Accidents. The facility must ensure that - §483.25(d)(1) The resident environment remains as free of accident hazards as is possible; and §483.25(d)(2)Each resident receives adequate supervision and assistance devices to prevent accidents.12/17/2019
11/18/2019ComplaintW4ZDN0072D3COMPREHENSIVE CARE PLANS59A-4.109(2) FAC The nursing home licensee develop a comprehensive care plan for each resident that includes measurable objectives and timetables to meet a resident's medical, nursing, mental and psychosocial needs that are identified in the comprehensive assessment. The care plan must describe the services that are to be furnished to attain or maintain the resident's highest practicable physical, mental and social well-being. The care plan must be completed within 7 days after completion of the resident assessment. 400.021(18) FS "Resident care plan" means a written plan developed, maintained, and reviewed not less than quarterly by a registered nurse, with participation from other facility staff and the resident or his or her designee or legal representative, which includes a comprehensive assessment of the needs of an individual resident, the type and frequency of services required to provide the necessary care for the resident to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being, a listing of services provided within or outside the facility to meet those needs, and an explanation of service goals. 12/17/2019
11/18/2019ComplaintW4ZDN0201D3RIGHT TO ADEQUATE AND APPROPRIATE HEALTH CAREThe right to receive adequate and appropriate health care and protective and support services, including social services; mental health services, if available; planned recreational activities; and therapeutic and rehabilitative services consistent with the resident care plan, with established and recognized practice standards within the community, and with rules as adopted by the agency. 12/17/2019
09/26/2019ComplaintR4WFF0572D NOTICE OF RIGHTS AND RULES§483.10(g) Information and Communication. §483.10(g)(1) The resident has the right to be informed of his or her rights and of all rules and regulations governing resident conduct and responsibilities during his or her stay in the facility. §483.10(g)(16) The facility must provide a notice of rights and services to the resident prior to or upon admission and during the resident's stay. (i) The facility must inform the resident both orally and in writing in a language that the resident understands of his or her rights and all rules and regulations governing resident conduct and responsibilities during the stay in the facility. (ii) The facility must also provide the resident with the State-developed notice of Medicaid rights and obligations, if any. (iii) Receipt of such information, and any amendments to it, must be acknowledged in writing;10/26/2019
09/26/2019ComplaintR4WFF0610D INVESTIGATE/PREVENT/CORRECT ALLEGED VIOLATION§483.12(c) In response to allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or mistreatment, the facility must: §483.12(c)(2) Have evidence that all alleged violations are thoroughly investigated. §483.12(c)(3) Prevent further potential abuse, neglect, exploitation, or mistreatment while the investigation is in progress. §483.12(c)(4) Report the results of all investigations to the administrator or his or her designated representative and to other officials in accordance with State law, including to the State Survey Agency, within 5 working days of the incident, and if the alleged violation is verified appropriate corrective action must be taken.10/26/2019
09/26/2019ComplaintR4WFN0207D3RIGHT TO COPIES OF RULES AND REGULATIONSThe right to have copies of the rules and regulations of the facility and an explanation of the responsibility of the resident to obey all reasonable rules and regulations of the facility and to respect the personal rights and private property of the other residents. 10/26/2019