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06/23/2022StandardUARWCZ814 UBACKGROUND SCREENING CLEARINGHOUSE435.12 Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse.- (2)(b) Until such time as the fingerprints are enrolled in the national retained print arrest notification program at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an employee with a break in service of more than 90 days from a position that requires screening by a specified agency must submit to a national screening if the person returns to a position that requires screening by a specified agency. (c) An employer of persons subject to screening by a specified agency must register with the clearinghouse and maintain the employment status of all employees within the clearinghouse. Initial employment status and any changes in status must be reported within 10 business days. (d) An employer must register with and initiate all criminal history checks through the clearinghouse before referring an employee or potential employee for electronic fingerprint submission to the Department of Law Enforcement. The registration must include the employee's full first name, middle initial, and last name; social security number; date of birth; mailing address; sex; and race. Individuals, persons, applicants, and controlling interests that cannot legally obtain a social security number must provide an individual taxpayer identification number. 07/23/2022
06/23/2022StandardUARWF0550D RESIDENT RIGHTS/EXERCISE OF RIGHTS§483.10(a) Resident Rights. The resident has a right to a dignified existence, self-determination, and communication with and access to persons and services inside and outside the facility, including those specified in this section. §483.10(a)(1) A facility must treat each resident with respect and dignity and care for each resident in a manner and in an environment that promotes maintenance or enhancement of his or her quality of life, recognizing each resident's individuality. The facility must protect and promote the rights of the resident. §483.10(a)(2) The facility must provide equal access to quality care regardless of diagnosis, severity of condition, or payment source. A facility must establish and maintain identical policies and practices regarding transfer, discharge, and the provision of services under the State plan for all residents regardless of payment source. §483.10(b) Exercise of Rights. The resident has the right to exercise his or her rights as a resident of the facility and as a citizen or resident of the United States. §483.10(b)(1) The facility must ensure that the resident can exercise his or her rights without interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal from the facility. §483.10(b)(2) The resident has the right to be free of interference, coercion, discrimination, and reprisal from the facility in exercising his or her rights and to be supported by the facility in the exercise of his or her rights as required under this subpart.07/23/2022
06/23/2022StandardUARWF0644D COORDINATION OF PASARR AND ASSESSMENTS§483.20(e) Coordination. A facility must coordinate assessments with the pre-admission screening and resident review (PASARR) program under Medicaid in subpart C of this part to the maximum extent practicable to avoid duplicative testing and effort. Coordination includes: §483.20(e)(1)Incorporating the recommendations from the PASARR level II determination and the PASARR evaluation report into a resident's assessment, care planning, and transitions of care. §483.20(e)(2) Referring all level II residents and all residents with newly evident or possible serious mental disorder, intellectual disability, or a related condition for level II resident review upon a significant change in status assessment.07/23/2022
06/23/2022StandardUARWF0758D FREE FROM UNNEC PSYCHOTROPIC MEDS/PRN USE§483.45(e) Psychotropic Drugs. §483.45(c)(3) A psychotropic drug is any drug that affects brain activities associated with mental processes and behavior. These drugs include, but are not limited to, drugs in the following categories: (i) Anti-psychotic; (ii) Anti-depressant; (iii) Anti-anxiety; and (iv) Hypnotic Based on a comprehensive assessment of a resident, the facility must ensure that--- §483.45(e)(1) Residents who have not used psychotropic drugs are not given these drugs unless the medication is necessary to treat a specific condition as diagnosed and documented in the clinical record; §483.45(e)(2) Residents who use psychotropic drugs receive gradual dose reductions, and behavioral interventions, unless clinically contraindicated, in an effort to discontinue these drugs; §483.45(e)(3) Residents do not receive psychotropic drugs pursuant to a PRN order unless that medication is necessary to treat a diagnosed specific condition that is documented in the clinical record; and §483.45(e)(4) PRN orders for psychotropic drugs are limited to 14 days. Except as provided in §483.45(e)(5), if the attending physician or prescribing practitioner believes that it is appropriate for the PRN order to be extended beyond 14 days, he or she should document their rationale in the resident's medical record and indicate the duration for the PRN order. §483.45(e)(5) PRN orders for anti-psychotic drugs are limited to 14 days and cannot be renewed unless the attending physician or prescribing practitioner evaluates the resident for the appropriateness of that medication.07/23/2022
06/23/2022StandardUARWF0943E ABUSE, NEGLECT, AND EXPLOITATION TRAINING§483.95(c) Abuse, neglect, and exploitation. In addition to the freedom from abuse, neglect, and exploitation requirements in § 483.12, facilities must also provide training to their staff that at a minimum educates staff on- §483.95(c)(1) Activities that constitute abuse, neglect, exploitation, and misappropriation of resident property as set forth at § 483.12. §483.95(c)(2) Procedures for reporting incidents of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or the misappropriation of resident property §483.95(c)(3) Dementia management and resident abuse prevention.07/23/2022
06/23/2022StandardUARWN0201E3RIGHT TO ADEQUATE AND APPROPRIATE HEALTH CARE(l) The right to receive adequate and appropriate health care and protective and support services, including social services; mental health services, if available; planned recreational activities; and therapeutic and rehabilitative services consistent with the resident care plan, with established and recognized practice standards within the community, and with rules as adopted by the agency. 07/23/2022
06/21/2022Fire/Life/SafetyUARWK0291F3EMERGENCY LIGHTINGEmergency Lighting Emergency lighting of at least 1-1/2-hour duration is provided automatically in accordance with 7.9.,
06/21/2022Fire/Life/SafetyUARWK0325F3ALCOHOL BASED HAND RUB DISPENSER (ABHR)Alcohol Based Hand Rub Dispenser (ABHR) ABHRs are protected in accordance with, unless all conditions are met: * Corridor is at least 6 feet wide * Maximum individual dispenser capacity is 0.32 gallons (0.53 gallons in suites) of fluid and 18 ounces of Level 1 aerosols * Dispensers shall have a minimum of 4-foot horizontal spacing * Not more than an aggregate of 10 gallons of fluid or 135 ounces aerosol are used in a single smoke compartment outside a storage cabinet, excluding one individual dispenser per room * Storage in a single smoke compartment greater than 5 gallons complies with NFPA 30 * Dispensers are not installed within 1 inch of an ignition source * Dispensers over carpeted floors are in sprinklered smoke compartments * ABHR does not exceed 95 percent alcohol * Operation of the dispenser shall comply with Section or * ABHR is protected against inappropriate access,, 42 CFR Parts 403, 418, 460, 482, 483, and 485 07/23/2022
06/21/2022Fire/Life/SafetyUARWK0353F3SPRINKLER SYSTEM - MAINTENANCE AND TESTINGSprinkler System - Maintenance and Testing Automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems are inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintaining of Water-based Fire Protection Systems. Records of system design, maintenance, inspection and testing are maintained in a secure location and readily available. a) Date sprinkler system last checked _____________________ b) Who provided system test ____________________________ c) Water system supply source __________________________ Provide in REMARKS information on coverage for any non-required or partial automatic sprinkler system. 9.7.5, 9.7.7, 9.7.8, and NFPA 2506/22/2022